Company profile

Our core team is a mix of experts from different technical and business domains. The core team has rich experience in areas related to ERP’s, Web Solutions, Integrations, Standalone systems in the Financial, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Business Intelligence domains. We offer technical skills in software of major vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft, Google, WordPress etc.

Our Footprint

We have client base in US, Canada and India to whom we are providing staff services as well as solutions.

DZIS is dedicated to becoming a company that is recognized and respected by employees, customers, and the society. We strive for the balance between company expansion and the development of society through consistent operations in compliance with laws, effective environmental protection programs and fruitful Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives;

We constantly create value for customers through innovation, process improvement and employee development. We respect employees' personalities, invest in their career development and quality of life, and offer competitive rewards based on their contributions.

To become a globally leading IT solution & service provider through continuous organizational and process optimization, leadership and employee development, and a commitment to strategic alliances and open innovation.

Customer relationships are our most valuable assets and we love to develop ongoing relationships. We believe that best business relationship is an ongoing relationship where everyone is successful. We do make it a point to understand where our customers are coming from, which in turn helps us to exceed their expectations and deliver good product and services.

The Company is committed to the long term development of the Company by meeting customer needs. We value all our employees and will endeavor to create a safe and positive working environment where all employees are treated with dignity and respect.

We recognize the need for flexibility of operations dictated by rapidly changing economic and other conditions. It is our belief that our employees are honest and trustworthy and should be treated with respect and confidence.